Courses Taught as the Instructor

University of Maryland, College Park

Russian History in Art, Music, Literature, and Film

(Fall 2016, Spring 2017)

This course undertakes the study of Russian and Soviet history, from Peter the Great to the collapse of the Soviet Union, through art, music, literature, and film. The course aims to familiarize students, in broad strokes, with important developments in Russian and Soviet history, but, even more so, to cultivate in students the skills of professional historical research.Engaging with a broad range of evidence, the course goes beyond textual evidence, and includes masterpieces of Russian literature, poetry, portraiture, art, music and cinema to flex students’ cultural erudition as well as transferable analytical, research, and writing skills.

“Very organized! The professor came well prepared and was able to answer any questions I had. The slideshows were great for a visual learner, like me. I looked forward to this class and I truly believed it has made me a better researcher and writer.” - Student

Princes on Instagram: Power and Self-Representation in the Modern World

(Summer 2019 - Online Course)

This course explores how figures in positions of state power – kings, queens, tsars, tsarinas, presidents, first ladies – choose to represent themselves publicly using various historical means of communication, such as press, portraiture, television, photography, and lately social media. This course takes a broad transnational approach the explore the means and motivations for self-representation. Units will focus around case-studies that examine self-representation through the lens of gender, class, race, culture by delving into fashion, everyday life, leisure of powerful figures.

“The teaching style of this course was great. Professor did an excellent job of covering Unit materials in her lecture as well as the readings. She gave many examples which helped me understand hard definitions as well as concepts. She also responded very quickly to emails which was also helpful.” - Student

Russian History: The Struggle With and For Modernity

(Course Prepared to Teach)

The course takes a broad view of Russian history examining persistent themes in its development from Peter the Great to the fall of Soviet Union, The course examines intersections of politics, ideas, and culture, as Russian leaders pondered the struggle with and for ‘modernity’. This course examines notions of Russian liberalism, nationalism, the intricacies of its social estate system and the evolving relationship between the subject and the state.

Courses Taught as a Teaching Assistant

University of Maryland, College Park (2014-2016)

    • Spring 2016 - Pocketbook Politics: A History of American Buying and Selling
    • Fall 2015 - Civil Discourse or Urban Riot: Why Don’t Cities (Often) Explode
    • Spring 2015 - Imperial China and the World
    • Fall 2014 - Practice of Tolerance in Religious Societies

Teaching Development and Training

2019 - Moving Online: Course Design and Development Retreat, Teaching and Learning Transformation Center, University of Maryland, College Park, April 1

2016 - Graduate Teaching Portfolio Retreat Participant, University of Maryland, College Park, June 13-15

2015 - ARHU789: Professional Development Practicum: Course Design, Participant, University of Maryland, College Park, Jan 5-21

Student Mentorship

2018 - Mentor, Mellon-Mays GAP Program, The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, Princeton, NJ

"Thank you so much for your advice and support concerning graduate school and life and career decisions over the past nine months! I honestly don't think I would have applied had it not been for the encouragement and accountability you provided. You have been an invaluable mentor and friend." - Mentee, Mellon-Mays GAP Program

Leadership & Service (Select)

2019 - Panel Member, “Publishing and Conferencing,” Research Commons Event, University of Maryland, College Park, April 2

2018 - Discussant, “Race and Ethnicity in Russia and the Soviet Union,” Joint University of Maryland - Howard University Undergraduate Workshop, University of Maryland, College Park, April 18

2018 - Judge, Graduate Student Poster Competition, Graduate Research Appreciation Day, University of Maryland, College Park, April 4

2018 - Panel Member, “Conference Networking Essentials for First Timers and Those Who Dread It,” Graduate Student Success Symposium, University of Maryland, College Park, January 22